How to Apply - The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies

Application form information:

  • there is no application fee
  • the application form is asking for a secondary school certificate/bachelor diploma to be provided – these documents need to be handed over during the admission process after the test, there is no need to upload them into the application form, the application form is complete without any attachment
  • if you apply in the summer or winter period, carefully choose the term you need to apply for (see more details below in the text)
  • DO NOT CREATE multiple application forms – one applicant = one study period = one application form
  • the application form needs to be green (see the picture below), if the sections personal data and applicant´s address are red, the form is not complete and you will not receive the link for the test

To apply to our faculty, use the link below:

Entrance test information:

  • the online entrance test for February intake (summer semester of the academic year 2022/2023) takes place on the following dates: 29th July 2022, 26th August 2022, 30th September 2022, 28th October 2022, 25th November 2022, 16th December 2022 a 13th January 2023
  • the online entrance test for September intake (winter semester of the academic year 2023/2024) takes place on the following dates: 16th December 2022, 13th January 2023, 24th February 2023, 31st March 2023, 28th April 2023, 26th May 2023, 30th June 2023, 28th July 2023 a 25th August 2023
  • the test opens on a given date at 11 am CET
  • the link and the code for the test are sent 48 hours before the test automatically to all the applicants who fill in their application form by Tuesday preceding the Friday test
  • the link and the whole communication are sent to the email address used in your application form – check it regularly
  • the results of the test are sent within a week after the test date, kindly do not contact us earlier
  • a motivation letter is another part of the admission process – you will be asked to provide it during the admission process after the test together with documents proving your previous education (detailed information will be provided together with the test results)

BACHELOR program – the test consists of two parts – an English test (50 minutes) and a test of general prerequisites (50 minutes)

MASTER program – the test Global Affairs ( 60 minutes) consists of political, economic, social, and environmental problems in the current world, a random set of questions covering the following topics:

  • Globalization and regionalization
  • Development Economics
  • Theories of Regional Development
  • Economic geography of Asia, Africa, and Latin America


  • the deadline for applying for February intake is 20th December 2022 – all the application forms received after this date will be automatically used for the winter semester of the academic year 2023/2024
  • during the summer and winter period, it may happen that two kinds of application forms are open – for February intake of 2022/2023 and for September intake 2023/2024, you need to choose the correct form according to your status:
    • scenario a) it is half of December, you are already in the Czech Republic or you are not subject to VISA requirements, your nostrification is already processed, and you are probably coming to us from a different university, you can still apply for February intake of 2022/2023 (apply for summer semester 2022/2023) as your admission process will be quick and you are able to visit our office and provide all the required documents shortly after the test
    • scenario b) it is half of December, you are in your country of origin and you have not started VISA or nostrification process yet, you need to apply for September intake (apply for winter semester 2023/2024) as your admission process might take several months (nostrification/previous education evaluation – up to 2 months, VISA process – 2-3 months)