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Life in Brno

Brno is in the heart of Europe and the capital of the region. Belongs to the top 10 student cities in the world!

Given its cosmopolitan atmosphere and friendly citizens, the city is very attractive to all sorts of visitors, offering a wide range of entertainment opportunities and experiences to suit every visitor. Make sure you try the amazing traditional cuisine, beer and wine! Come and discover Brno’s charm for yourself!

Rumours say Brno is the biggest village in the Czech republic. I guess it’s true because of the unforgettable and friendly atmosphere of the city, which literally engulfs you. Brno is home to almost 370k inhabitants, but guess what? More than 80k people are students, it means student life is one of the best in the country.

The good news is the location of Brno. It’s just between Prague and Vienna and both of the cities are only two hours by bus such as Flixbus or train and if you are student, you get great discounts. Brno is sometimes called last turn to Vienna, but you can also easily visit cities such as Budapest or Bratislava. The strategic location of Brno is great opportunity to travel all of the central Europe. The fact of having an international airport and options to fly to London or Munich is just icing on the cake.

Culture, streetfood, student night life, all of these for young people very important aspects are having an unprecedented boom. Brno has a large exhibiton centre that host many local and international shows every month. If you are a lover of coffee and great food, you will never regret coming to Brno, exactly opposite, you will fall in love with this place. The city centre is full of small cafes, bars (Bar which doesn’t exist – the most famous one) and great restaurants. When you get tired of people, you can easily escape to the Špilberk Castle which is surrounded by beatiful on the top of the hill, where you have the best viewpoint on Brno. Another option is Petrov hill, which just next to the castle, especially students love this place, mainly during the spring’s evening it is full of students and it’s creating absorbing atmosphere and friendly environment.

Brno is proud to have one of the best public transport in Europe. T rams, buses, trolleybuses and also boats on the most famous dam which is between locals known as „Prígl“. You can just get easily everywhere at anytime. No matter it’s morning or night. Night buses are chapter itself. From main train station, every hour, whole night, you cant take a bus to all parts of the city. Funny fact is the atmopshere inside, because usually it’s full of students coming back from the parties and bus is literally singing. You just have to experience it

The cost of living in Brno depends much on a student’s lifestyle. You can easily live with monthly expenses around CZK 7,000 (270 Euro) but of course, it can be much more, it’s just up to you, how much are you willing to spend. When it comes to accomodation, you can decide between dormitory, which is bit cheaper option, around CZK 3,000 (116 Euro) or a student flat, when the price can be very various. It starts somewhere around the same price as a dormitory, but it may increase to two times more. Depends on the location.

Here you have just basic overview about prices for public transport ticket and other stuffs. Monthly public transport ticket for students < 26 years old CZK 275 (EUR 11), one way ticket to Prague (Student Agency coach) CZK 200 (EUR 8) it may be less, if you find some later bus or special offer, cinema ticket CZK 100-150 (EUR 4-6)

Our Mendel University canteens provide more than 2,500 meals every day. The meals and other assortment are offered not only to students of MENDELU but also to other people or organizations. There is a choice from at least 4 meals including the vegetarian alternative. To have access to the canteen it’s neccessary to have ISIC card from our uni. You will get this card after registration to you university information system. Without the card it is almost impossible to live.