Study Programmes - The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies

This study programme focuses on training students in the sphere of International Development Studies, giving them the necessary competencies to work at both national and international levels wherever comprehensive knowledge of emerging countries and regions is required, with special emphasis on the issues of economic, environmental, social, cultural and political nature. Our graduates’ prospective employers include national and international institutions and organizations engaged in development activities, multilateral development agencies, stakeholders in the immigration services, as well as non-governmental organizations. Furthermore, the graduates can also work in education, development planning, public administration, and media. Crucially, our graduates will be qualified for work in businesses oriented to developing countries and regions both in terms of trade and investment.

The bachelor’s study lasts 3 years.

The contents of the bachelor study are:
  • general subjects (eg Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Statistics, Fundamentals of Law, etc.);
  • professional subjects related to the field of study;
  • foreign language teaching – English, German, French and Spanish at various levels;
  • professional practice lasting 4 weeks
Graduates of bachelor’s degree programs are awarded the title of Bachelor, abbreviated to Bc.

International territorial studies provide a solid knowledge base for a wide range of professions – they are useful to a diplomat as well as a businessman orvolunteer. These professions are different and yet they have a lot in common.

As you study, you will gain knowledge about the functioning of the globalized world, you will understand the political context, the specifics of individual countries and regions, and your communication skills will improve a lot.

Information overload is a serious problem nowadays, and this information is often purposefully modified by influential groups, sometimes unprofessionalism or ignorance. Those who know how to separate the wheat from the chaff and how to read between the lines will have a competitive advantage. And our graduates do know!

As a student of International Territorial Studies, you will get an overview of everything important and you will be able to work with it. And you will be taught by academics who got their knowledge not only from books but above all from practice. They know the customs, traditions, and norms of social and business behaviour in countries such as Iran, Israel, Colombia, South Africa or China from their personal experience. However, they are also at home in Brussels or London, and you often see them in the media, where they share their expertise on the latest political development.

We collaborate with specialists with hands-on experience at consulates in the Philippines, Ghana or Mexico, Brussels officials or managers of large multinational companies, and businessmen in international trade. The study program International Territorial Studies will prepare you for a discussion with them, for example when applying for a job or at a VIP social evening. At the same time, you will understand herders in the Andes or fishermen in Thailand.

International territorial studies will enable you to know first-hand how the world works and how to find a job you enjoy and succeed in it.

The master’s study follows on from the bachelor’s study (International territorial studies is not a must) and lasts 2 years.

The contents of the master’s study are:
  • professional subjects deepening the knowledge acquired at the bachelor’s degree level;
  • professional practice lasting 5 weeks
Graduates of master’s degree programs are awarded the title of Engineer, abbreviated to Ing.


Work for transnational organizations like the UN or the European Commission! Head for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Just be a # BIGSHOT! Subjects such as the European Union, Agricultural Policy and Trade, Macroeconomics or Managerial Psychology will prepare you for it!


Do you long to get to know new cultures and gain experience in your field abroad? Thanks to us you will be able to study and do internships around the world. Our students have the opportunity to spend a substantial part of their studies abroad. From Australia to the USA, from Italy to the Netherlands. The most popular with our students is Finland. We have over 70 contracts with foreign universities within the EU, we also send students oversees, and we can arrange the possibility of going wherever you want.