Bachelor’s Degree Programme: International Territorial Studies

This study programme focuses on training students in the sphere of International Development Studies, giving them the necessary competencies to work at both national and international levels wherever comprehensive knowledge of emerging countries and regions is required, with special emphasis on the issues of economic, environmental, social, cultural and political nature. Our graduates’ prospective employers include national and international institutions and organizations engaged in development activities, multilateral development agencies, stakeholders in the immigration services, as well as non-governmental organizations. Furthermore, the graduates can also work in education, development planning, public administration, and media. Crucially, our graduates will be qualified for work in businesses oriented to developing countries and regions both in terms of trade and investment.

Master’s Degree Programme: International Territorial Studies

This Master‘s degree programme in the sphere of International Territorial Studies focuses on „International Development Studies“, enabling students to specialise either in Global Development or European Studies. The programme aims to provide students with the ability to identify critical factors and trends in the developing world both in general and international contexts, assess the causality and existence of problems in the developing world and draft proposals for effective solutions (including critical situations), translate proposals addressing these issues into development assistance projects, including respecting the environmental impacts of decisions in a broader context. At the same time, students will gain practical knowledge of specific current issues related to selected regions of the developing world, namely Africa, South and Southeast Asia, or Latin America (based on their choice) and will be able to draft development projects for the particular region they select. Graduates of European Studies will be able to understand the role of the European Union in the global environment, with special emphasis on its interaction with developing countries.

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